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Beth Chapman, Dogs Wife, Weight Loss

A lot of people have been asking on the internet "how did Beth Chapman, dogs wife achieve her weight loss?" and there aren't too many definitive answers.

Did she have surgery, miracle diet or fitness regime? Not sure, but what I do know is that you can do it and there is an easy way.

To maintain your weight, eating a healthy, balanced diet you should have approximately 2200 calories a day.

If you are trying to lose weight you should again be eating a healthy, balanced diet, but try to have around 1700 calories a day (starting with 500 less calories to start).

Good metabolism is an important weapon in your teen weight loss tips arsenal, so having a speedy metabolism means your body breaks down food quicker. But more importantly certain foods are easier to breakdown so your body uses more calories as it does so.

For more on your metabolism click here

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Don't be tempted to quickly lose weight. A crash diet could have you eating less than a thousand calories a day.

This could lead you feeling lethargic, prone to headaches and unable to function to the best of your abilities (both mental and physical) throughout the day.

Let's not use the word 'diet', but instead focus on eating healthy.

A crash diet is not a healthy eating plan that you could not maintain for the long term and i'm not saying that's how Beth Chapman dogs wife achieved her weight loss.

You want something that becomes habit. That is "good habits" that stay with you for life.

Make sure you start with breakfast to kickstart your metabolism and to avoid over-eating at the end of the day.

Eat a balance of all the good food groups and everything in moderation.

You can have chocolate, sugar foods or other so called 'bad foods', but once again do so in moderation.

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