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Motocross Riding Tips - Cornering & Figure 8's

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Figure 8's is a very basic drill, but vitally important to teach motocross and dirtbike riders balance and control when cornering the motorcycle.

It takes very little time to set-up and can be done in an area of limited space.

Most dirtbike riders have a favourite side to turn on so the figure 8 drill makes sure that you practice turning both left and right.

Dirtbike riders can learn something from road racing in setting up for a corner, sweeping through the turn and carrying more corner speed.

To see tips about cornering and figure 8's take a look at MXtv's Lee Hogan below:

Australian motocross champion Lee Hogan knows what it takes to go fast on a dirtbike.

With the MXtv riding tips, Lee Hogan teaches a lot of small dirtbike tips that riders overlook. The figure 8 drill is one that can teach you a lot about dirtbike control.

Many riders when they first try this drill will come in close to the marker only to swing wide on the exit. This means they are too wide and poorly set-up for the next corner.

Riding tips like figure 8's teach you corner-to-corner thinking, throttle control and balance on the dirtbike.

It will also train you how to get comfortable when cornering on the rear brake side of your dirtbike.

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