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Motocross Track Blueprints

I have seen a number of motocross track plans over the years, but aint it always the way... now that I want them for ideas of my own it is hard to find any.

Everyone who rides motocross or supercross would have in their head the perfect layout for a motocross track, but not too many put their ideas down on paper.

Motocross track blueprints are the perfect tool for 'bench racing'. Imagining you're clearing that big double, railing it around the outside of a 3rd gear turn onto a monster back straight.

If you already have an area and want to build your own motocross track, what natural features make-up the landscape?

Are there hills or is it all flat? Is it a sandy base or hardpack? Do you have a water feature. Draw up your own motocross track blueprints based on what you have already.

Motocross track blueprints - i'll post them when I find them, but if you have a good design make sure you let me know and i'll put it up!













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